Thermoformed packaging

We strive to provide comprehensive packaging solutions using plastics. For special needs, we make precise thermoformed packaging, in which mainly elements of more complex shapes are placed. And for which precise placement in the packaging is required. This type of packaging is often appropriate in automated production processes, where the precision of gripping and picking elements counts.

Thermoformed transport packaging.

Thermoformed packs, trays and blisters. They are used in industry to transport smaller and complex elements with special transport needs. Thermoformed trays and packages are often placed/packed into bulk containers, boxes or crates that provide additional protection, adequate rigidity and safe handling during transport phases. In this way, complete packaging modules are created, prepared for the specificity of a given customer.

Advantages of thermoformed packaging:

Thermoforming works well in medium-volume production and in the case of rapid prototyping. The advantage is also the possibility of using a wide range of thermoplastic materials, which allows you to choose the right raw material for your needs, e.g. color, transparency, durability. Thermoformed packaging also has an obvious advantage, namely very good support of the product and its precise embedding in the packaging, thanks to the fact that it is formed to a given shape.

Thermoforming of plastics.

Thermoforming is a process of thermoforming plastic in a special machine, in which a plastic sheet is formed under the influence of high temperature on a matrix of the desired form. Thermoforming technology is a more economical method than injection processes. Especially when it comes to applications for the production of packaging, inserts or transport trays in which parts and components are placed. At the same time, it is always necessary to choose the most effective form of production for the intended purposes.

Production of thermoformed packaging:

Producing appropriate packaging, in the case of thermoforming technology, requires experience and high-quality equipment. In our company we have specialists from the design and production departments. As well as modern machinery, thanks to which we are ready for any challenge in the field of thermoformed transport packaging.

In the field of thermoforming, we offer thermoformed packaging made of ABS, PS, PE, PET and PP raw materials.

The thickness range of processed boards is 0.5 mm to 12 mm in the maximum format of 1200×1000 mm

Material for thermoformed packaging, trays, blisters:

  • from ABS, PS, PE, PET and PP raw materials.

Types of thermoformed packaging:

  • separate thermoformed containers,
  • thermoformed dividers,
    thermoformed trays,
  • transport blisters

Thermoformed packaging options:

  • different colors,
  • various sizes and accessories